CC Chapman on how to keep the spirit of SXSW alive all year round

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At SXSW,   CC Chapman, and a panel on how to keep pumped up about SXSW are featured in the above and below videos.  CC Chapman is a pioneer of podcasting and his current project is AdvanceGuard.  Carla Borsoi is currently VP, Research & Analytics at, leading a team dedicated to serving both the needs of the customer and the business, helping to make finely nuanced decisions to provide the best user experience within the need to achieve key business metrics.  Kevin Smokler is a writer, entrepreneur, speaker and consultant based in San Francisco. He’s been tapping out thoughts online since 2001 (rss feed). Here’s the easiest way to get in touch with him.  David Dylan Thomas delivers content to five different publications, not including his own blog:,,, PAW Print, and Today, Thomas continues to live, write, and film in Philadelphia. By day, he’s also the Coordinator of Multimedia Services at La Salle University. And Margo Grace, the “walk on” is an Austin, Texas designer and up and coming social networker.